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RIJIN Music Beer activity


Thank you for the company all colleagues unremitting efforts for the company development, enhance the cohesive affinity of everyone, enrich the collective life, also in order to promote the exchanges and communication between the colleagues, the company organized on July 21, music beer barbecue festival.
21, 1 p.m., the office personnel and logistics department personnel began preparations, wash dishes, trim vegetables for cooking, chop stuffing, making dumplings, etc are in an orderly way.Especially pack dumpling, because many people are making dumplings for the first time, the beginning started slowly, outlook is not so good, but also slowly skilled.Someone took out a pack dumpling machine at the beginning, but look at we have a good manual package dumplings, dumplings also directly handbags.After package dumplings, everyone look at a variety of shapes of dumplings, a smile at one another.Then, we began the venue layout, spread good cloth on the long table, set up on the ground to grill, lit the fire of coals, waiting for the arrival of other colleagues.
At the scene in the beautiful music, the official start of the barbecue section.Colleagues took out prepared drinks and shish kebab, chicken wings, etc., let everybody come undone.Someone will mutton string on the grill bake, but don't know is due to fire too prosperous or other reasons, always burnt.But the colleagues still cheerfully roasting circumference at the edge of the grill.At the same time, also put the company on long chefs mixed ahead of cool tea and steamed dumplings, milk yellow, corn, etc., some can't wait to colleagues would have sat down at the edge of the long run.You some roast at the edge of the grill, also some sit long hobnobbing, no words don't chat.The barbecue festival lasted more than an hour, everyone is enjoying himself.
Although such activity is not big, but far-reaching significance.It brings us not only work in the busy life of a chance to relax, also increases the chances of communication between colleagues, let us know more about each other, more let us feel the warmth of home.

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