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RIJIN full automatic urine bag machine exported to Egypt


On July 14, the Egyptian customer order auto high-frequency high frequency urine bag molding machine from our factory to container shipping, customer order from mid-april to high frequency high frequency urine bag machine factory, it only took 3 months time, to a large automatic high frequency equipment has such a fast production speed is mainly because after my company is out of the many sets of automatic machine high frequency urine bags, bags, our company fully mastered the production of fully automatic high frequency medical bag machine welding technology, stable and mature technology.
My company's production of fully automatic high frequency medical urine bag molding machine has the following main features:
1. Stainless steel frame, conform to the requirements of the medical health bag production level.
2. PLC control system, man-machine interface to set convenient and simple.
3. The coiled material feeding, automatic printing, automatic tube welding, welding bag, automatic welding backflow film, laser tracking positioning, automatic segmentation and location accuracy.
4. High sensitive NL - 5557 fire protection device, when the spark occurs can be automatically cut off the circuit, high weeks to lower parts and objects damage, when the current is too high, automatic cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
5. Adopt imported accessories, ensure the quality of machine.
6. The water cooling system, ensure the machine high frequency stable output current, continue to work.
7. Remote detection fault, a quick fix to eliminate malfunction, guarantee the production efficiency.
Have more than some of the key technology, has become my company open the foreign market bottom solid foundation, domestic labor costs continue to increase at the same time, make full automatic high frequency machine become more and more customers, our company comply with the demand of domestic and foreign markets, constantly blaze new trails, in the field of high frequency equipment automation is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic, except, of course, good technology, customer care most about, or a machine after-sales service, our company always attaches great importance to after-sales service, to purchase the machine in our company can have the following after-sale protection:
1. The machine one year free warranty, life-long maintenance.
2.7 * 24 hours telephone counseling, city 24 hours door-to-door, three days around the door maintenance;
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