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Automatic high frequency file fold(TPU) machine delivery-automatic high frequency welding machine


  Yesterday afternoon, the company to develop design and manufacture of automatic high frequency plastic welding machine factory, the automatic high frequency plastic welding machine is according to customers' special needs, the customer do product TPU envelope, the envelope in addition to the traditional sheet and sheet welding, and welding sheet and circular wafer, circular wafer also request automatically assumed that a weld, clearly before our company produces the standard automatic high frequency machine already cannot satisfy the needs of customers, so our company mechanical engineering designers designed the new more complex, more intelligent auto high-frequency machine.
From the first draft design to high frequency machine factory is less than half a year, why China day Jin Ling can in a short period of time will be able to make a new automation of high frequency equipment?, because before I did a lot of automatic high frequency plastic welding machine, although do have different products, but the working principle of the constant, long-term accumulation of automation high frequency equipment design and manufacturing experience, let me company in the design and manufacture new automation high frequency machine above appear to meet the blade and more.
A new machine factory, of course, the most time consuming than making assembly parts, but the production debugging stage, China Daily Jin Ling each high frequency machine factory must debug to stable processing products can be delivered to the customer, provide some TPU coil production raw materials and the circular wafer, when the machine automatic envelope to welding machine is still not fully be made well, quickly built our technical master started feeding machine commissioning (some cabinet case can suspend the installation), exist mainly in order to save time, fight for the qualified high frequency machine to the customer at an early date.
Automatic machine high frequency envelope to relative to the previous envelope forming machine has the following features:
Set 1. PLC operating system, some functions can be realized in the PLC control operation, some high frequency machine because there is no high frequency interference shielding technology and PLC operating system.
2. Increase the circular wafer automatic feeding, welding function, so as to realize envelope forming, wafer synchronous welding forming, one pace reachs the designated position.
3. The envelope to one-time molding, two small bag inside the bag is a welding, this machine can make different design model of the envelope







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