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Infusion/IV bag forming machine

This equipment is dedicated to: medical infusion bag forming.
Machine description:
1, Automatic turntable design, save labor cost and increase the production.
2,Weld the bag body and tube together in one machine.
3, welded pipe hf nose on the lower electrode is equipped with two circulation channel, conductive water circulation device is designed on the rod, the high frequency electric plate and heat conductive rods to keep at room temperature, in order to ensure consistency of product welding process.
4. Each station two barrels of membrane materials on hand bag body, one of the workers.
5. Welded pipe mould design for a second, a worker on the pipe 4 root.
6. Pneumatic control detection and high and low alarm device.
7. Coaxial servo motor to adjust current device, by changing the setting of distance to achieve the required current.
8. Welded pipe and sealing finished manipulator on the finished product box.
9. Fault alarm display, touch screen will display equipment fault location, convenient operation personnel fast troubleshooting;
10. This bag bag making high frequency welding machine for cutting good PVC membrane material welded on.Coil, sheet materials and special fund is fully automatic infusion bag of high frequency welder.
11. Production: 700-800 bags /.

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