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Feeding bag bowel welding machine

This machine is special design for welding the feeding bag bowel.

Main features:
1. Strong Output,oscillator frequency generated by the 27.12 MHZ and 40.68 MHZ, in line with international industry standard, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, can avoid improper operation, and can the fastest time welding products, increase production.
2. High sensitive electronic spark protection device, when the spark occurs can be automatically cut off the circuit, it can lower damage parts mould , when the current is too high, automatic cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
3. The latest generation of high frequency type design, low electromagnetic radiation, protect the personal safety, with the manual/auto, test, temperature control, pressure control, high frequency current regulation and other functions, takes less space, easy installation and maintenance;
4. PLC operating system, welding parameters such as welding time, holding time can be set up by PLC, 7 inch interface, display various parameters and output, speed, parameter adjustment, production within the micro computer screen set for production, when production achieved, it will automatic warning, convenient for user counting.
5. Feeding bowl bag welding machine using high-frequency heat sealing welding principle, welding is beautiful, without folding;
6. This machine is designed with two stations;Stainless steel frame, conform to the requirements of the medical bag production dust-free workshop health level;
7. Bowl and the bag body can divide into two machines welding, also can welded both in one machine.
8. Output per hour: 450;Applicable materials: EVA, PVC;
9. The key parts adopt imported, machine quality guaranteed.

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