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3Y medical pipe high frequency welding machine
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Machine description

1. Strong output power,frequency generated by the 27.12 MHZ and 40.68 MHZ, in line with international industry standard, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, can avoid improper operation, and can fast weld the products,improve the products quality.
2. High sensitive electronic spark protection device, when the spark occurs can be automatically cut off the circuit, avoid damage the molds and machine; when the current is too high, automatic cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
3. Automatic four turntable station design, division control precisely,2 cycles high frequency automatic conversion, water constant temperature system, conductive rods moulds each welding process is consistent, one time welding four pcs;
4. A new generation of high frequency design, low electromagnetic radiation, protect the personal safety, with the manual/auto, test, temperature control, pressure control, high frequency current regulation and other functions, takes small space, installation and maintenance easily;
5. The main parts use imported brand, others use domestic famous brands, machine quality guaranteed, can also according to customer's requirements to choose accessories brand.
6. PLC control system, touch screen interface, various parameters can be set through the screen, the output count function, convenient user statistics output, easy operation.
7. The machine just need one worker feeding, automatic welding, automatic back tubes.production: more than 1600pcs/hour (depending on the manual operation speed).

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