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Automatic turntable high frequency blisterwelding and cutting machine
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Machine description

This high frequency machine is suitable for PVC, PET, double blister or single blister and paper card packaging products welding, cutting ;
High frequency plastic welding machine is mainly used for: synthetic leather car inner decoration, sun visor, costumes, trademarks, strap, holster, CD bags, warm water bag, PVC swimming ring, inflatable pillow, air bed, mobile pool, tent canvas tents and other type of thick membrane fusion.
Main features:
1. Output power strong local oscillator frequency generated by the 27.12 MHZ and 40.68 MHZ, in line with international industry standard, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, can avoid improper operation, and can the fastest time welding products, improve product yield.
2. High sensitive electronic fire protection device, when the spark occurs can be automatically cut off the circuit, high weeks to lower parts and objects damage, when the current is too high, automatic cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
3. Automatic six-station rotating disc double-head (high frequency machine and punching machine) design, three station feeding on paper card (to be automatic), a high frequency welding station, an edge cutting blister packing, picking a work station.Can design according to the needs of the customer product processing function of each workstation.
4. Produced by air pressure card button lock mould, mould replacement without after leveling (traditional screw lock mould change after needs leveling), compared with the traditional clamping way to shorten the tool changing time, especially suitable for a variety of specifications blister packaging size need frequent replacement of mold production.The whole machine design only need two sets of mould (high frequency welding mould, punching mould) compared with the traditional PanShiJi save five bottom die.
5. The latest generation of high Zhou Boji shield type design, low electromagnetic radiation, protect the personal safety, with the hand/auto, test, temperature control, pressure control, high weeks current regulation and other functions, covers an area of less, easy installation and maintenance;
6. The machine parts adopt domestic famous brand suppliers, key parts imported, machine quality guaranteed.
7. PLC touch screen operation system, the welding parameters such as time, melting time can be set up by PLC, 7 inch human-machine interface, display various parameters and output count, when output reach automatically after reminding, convenient user count.
8. Blister packaging of high frequency welder welding high strong sex, the blister is not easy to deformation after welding, the product it will not speak, consistent with the original color, security products and beautiful.
9. Touch the fault alarm display, convenient user fast troubleshooting.

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