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Semi-automatic blood bag machine
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Machine description

Semi-automatic blood bag machine is special design for disposible blood bag/urine bag/infusion bag/medical bag tube welding.

Main features:
1. Output power strong local oscillator frequency generated by the 27.12 MHZ and 40.68 MHZ, in line with international industry standard, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, can avoid improper operation, and can the fastest time welding products, improve product yield.
2. High sensitive electronic fire protection device, when the spark occurs can be automatically cut off the circuit, high weeks to lower parts and objects damage, when the current is too high, automatic cut off the high pressure to protect oscillation tubes and rectifier.
3. The latest generation of high Zhou Boji shield type design, low electromagnetic radiation, protect the personal safety, with the hand/auto, test, temperature control, pressure control, high weeks current regulation and other functions, easy installation and maintenance;
4. Machine parts adopt imported from Toshiba electron tubes, high weeks stable, durable;
5. PLC operating system, the welding parameters such as time, melting time can be set up by the touch screen, easy to operate;
6. Fault alarm display, touch screen will display equipment fault location, convenient operation personnel fast troubleshooting;
7. Machine automatic turntable of four design, automatic punching, automatic products, production speed is about 700-800 PCS/hour, need two workers loading operation.
8. The machine technology mature and stable, mold temperature design to ensure machine in a steady job.
9. Our bags bag high frequency welding machine for cutting good PVC barrel membrane.Coil, sheet materials and special fund high frequency thermal bonding machine also can design the sheet membrane barrels film and high frequency patient machine
10. Shandong WEGO medical has use the equipment.

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