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High frequency welding principle and advantage


High frequency machine welding method (also known as the radio frequency) are usually high frequency machine often applied to various industries, such as: PVC and PU products must use high frequency machine for welding.Using the method of high frequency welding machine manufacture common products are tarpaulins, tents, ceiling, outdoor advertising banners, water bed, inflatable boat, drip irrigation and bags, the tension structure, conveyer belt, rain suit, etc.
High frequency machine principle and advantages
The main principle of high frequency welding machine is based on electrical heating medium for welding materials.Be placed between two pieces of metal plate (electrode) materials sheet, then the high-frequency voltage is connected to plastic sheets.The result: molecules vibrate in the material fast molecules to generate heat, the temperature of the heated to melt.At the same time, two layers of materials by high frequency current and pressed together, layer upon layer melt together, and formed can withstand strong tensile welding joint.
The advantage of high frequency welding machine is welding speed: in a few seconds, high frequency welding materials from internal heating and rapid welding.
Other welding method (with filaments, hot air or infrared radiation) compared with high-frequency machine welding method, other welding heat must be added from the outside world.This means that the heat must first penetrate material, in order to make the plastic melt enough to form a welding, the welding method is the main risk of the burn out at the top of welding material, that is easy to make the surface of the welding material deformation.
Some materials under high frequency magnetic field heat than other more heat, and therefore more suitable for high frequency welding machine.This is because in some degree of material molecules allow yourself to the results of the vibration of high frequency field.This is called the material loss factor.The greater the loss factor of material, the easier it is to use high frequency equipment for welding materials.Especially easy to welding of thermoplastics, such as PVC and PU;These materials are using high frequency welding machine welding.PE and other hard plastic is difficult to use high frequency welding method.


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