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Welcome WEGO group come to visit our factory to check the automatic blood bag machines


Morning of July 12, shandong weigao group leadership team to visit our company examine the a number of bags in my order for pipe welding machine automatically rotary high frequency high frequency plastic welding machine, weigao group co., LTD. Was established in March 1988, medical instruments and medicine as its main business, the development of real estate, investment, such as industry, medical products, blood purification, orthopedic, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, heart supplies, medical business, real estate, investment and so on nine big industrial group, more than 30 subsidiaries.Weigao production medical bag molding machine had produced by China Daily Jin Ling manufacturing, after several years of development, China Daily Jin Ling and weigao group formed an important part of the strategic cooperative partnership, the weigao group leading group to come to my company's main view is the workshop production of a batch of automatic high frequency plastic welding machine, rotary weigao in some time ago I ordered a this type of automatic high frequency machine trial production, of course is also designed according to the requirements of weigao group custom-made bags tube welding machine automation equipment.Because my company production of this type of automatic turntable high Zhou Boji weigao leave deep impression, the weigao group a ordered eight such automatic rotary high frequency machine, compared with the ordinary automatic rotary high frequency machine weigao group with a safety door and manipulator of automatic grab materials, medical bag production health level requirements for the machine itself is very high, so high frequency airframe adopt stainless steel frame have been assembled.Four station, two stations staff bags and pipe one place welding, another station is a good bags after welding manipulator automatic grab discharging, the PLC operating system, employees can be set by PLC interface welding time, production speed, debugging servo, etc.
Last hope huarisoft Jin Ling and weigao group of tomorrow will be better.



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